Scorpion Bay

Scorpion Bay:

This is a long route for those wanting to cruise the roads of North Phoenix.  The route begins at Grinders Coffee on Dunlap just East of Central Avenue.  Get filed up with fuel, caffeine, and carbohydrates if necessary.  Then ride Northeast along Cave Creek Road to the Carefree Highway, North on 7th Street and up to New River on New River Road.  Then down Southwest still on New River Road until we once again find ourselves on the Carefree Highway.  Hang a right and navigate our way up to Dillon’s BBQ at the Scorpion Bay marina for some good food, fun, and road safe drink.  We then depart and follow Lake Pleasant Parkway South to Union Hills Road.  We’ll then meander through Peoria, and North Phoenix taking a few roads that take you around a mountain or two and back up to Happy Valley road.  Following Happy Valley Road East and then South as it turns back into 7th Street we will continue on 7th Street until Dunlap where we return to Grinders Coffee.

The map below is still under construction.  Google Maps is one frustrating tool to work with and so I have some route adjustments to make particularly when we reach Lake Pleasant parkway.  The route that is drawn that takes you along 83rd Avenue is not exactly how I intended it to be so I will be making adjustment that should automagically update here when completed.  Additionally the first half of the ride from Grinders Coffee to Dillon’s does not reflect total mileage and so I’d like to correct for that as well.  This is a route that I intend to keep posed here indefinitely as it’s one I would like to do on my own on a regular basis.